Data Automation Professionals offers tools for user and developers. While the list below may be short today, it’s growing fast. Over the years we’ve developed numerous cool tools to help us develop our custom solutions more quickly, more efficiently, and with minimal bugs. We’re in the process of transforming these amazing tools into a form that can be passed on to our fans.

Our Catalog

Tool NameDescription
Table ToolsWe wrote the book on Excel Tables so we decided to create an Add-In to compliment the book. Add a running total column, select any table element, clear all sort or filters in one click, reset table formatting, and much more!
Date NavigatorTired of playing the Microsoft date and time picker shell game? Weary of all the third party date picker hacks and half-baked solutions? We gave up years ago and built the coolest damn date picker we’ve ever seen. We packed a boat load of features in it while keeping the user interface crazy simple and effective. We named it Date Navigator and you can have it now too! We even offer the source code for your own project so you don’t have to make your users install some Add-In or DLL or COM control.
Don't See What You're Looking For?Maybe you heard about some of the cool stuff we have that isn't listed here or are just wanting us to build it for you. Tell us about it and we’ll start a dialog with you.