Data Automation Professionals offers three support and training plans covering a wide range of needs. At the core of every support plan is our dedication to not only solving problems, but teaching you and your team how to avoid similar problems in the future. Every problem is a learning opportunity and, with our primary goal being to help you and your team be better at whatever it is you do, we bring everything we have to make that happen. Or, if you don’t have the inclination or time to learn something new, we’ll just fix it.

Data Automation Professionals Subscription Support Plans
CostMonthly Subscription
Annual Subscription
Hourly Rate
$200 1
Technical Support and Individual TrainingWeekdays
Weekends and Holidays
24 x 7
Group TrainingWeekdays
Case Credits per Month(details below)
OtherGeneral Awesomeness

All monetary amounts are in US dollars.
1 Hourly rate is charged in 15 minute increments. Rate is $300 on weekends and holidays.

Tips for Getting Great Support and Training

When requesting technical support and individual training, be at your computer with any sensitive information closed or hidden. We use GoToMeeting so navigate to and prepare to enter the nine-digit meeting ID we’ll give you. If you want us to interact with your computer while you are watching (have mouse and keyboard control,) download and install the GoToMeeting desktop application—search for “gotomeeting msi” on Windows or “gotomeeting dmg” on iOS. GoToMeeting has a recording function which you can use to record the meeting for later review. Most importantly, be prepared to describe and demonstrate the problem, or have a list of things in which you are interested in learning—the faster we can understand the problem or what your learning goals are, the faster we can help.

When requesting group training, the same tips as described above for technical support apply. And be prepared with a list of questions and topics you want to cover. If you send them to us well before the training begins, we’ll be better prepared too. Better prepared means more covered and learned.

The Fine Print

Connecting with Us

There are many ways to connect with us for support. Email, text (yes, we’ll give you our personal cell phone numbers), and, of course, telephone. We don’t have a preference and respond to each request as quickly as possible. If it’s urgent, let us know early on so we can respond accordingly.

Hours Available

We need to eat, get some sleep, and spend time with our families and friends. So we limit our time to reasonable hours. Weekdays means Monday through Thursday from 7 am to 10 pm PST, and Friday from 7 am to 5 pm PST. Weekends and holidays means Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 7 am to 5 pm PST. 24 x 7 means (we hope we don’t regret this) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Areas of Support Expertise

We’re good but we’re not experts in everything. Outside of Microsoft Excel and Excel automation, we have ample expertise and so provide technical support for Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Outlook, especially when it involves automating those applications with VBA.

Areas of Training Expertise

We prefer to constrain our training efforts to what we know best: Microsoft Excel and Excel automation.

Case Credit Allocation and Usage

Case credits are allocated monthly in amounts based on the plan (see the above table.) When providing technical support and ad hoc individual training, case credits are used at a rate of one credit for the first 15 minutes, one credit for the second 15 minutes, and one credit for each 30 minutes after that. When determining how long a session lasts, we’ll split the difference with you at about the midway point—in other words, if a session lasts less than about 22 minutes, we’ll call it a 15 minute session versus 30 and only charge one case credit. We have to charge a minimum of one case credit because, well, it takes time to start the session and listen to the problem. But if we can get off the phone in less than a few minutes or solve the problem with a quick email or text, then it’s on the house.

When providing group training for between two and ten students, case credits are charged at a rate of four case credits per hour plus one case credit per student per hour. A minimum of six case credits are charged for any group training because it takes time to set up, organize, and it isn’t a group unless two or more students are participating.


Need clarification on how we administer these plans or how we can best help your specific situation? Contact us and we will answer any questions.