One of our founders, Kevin, who is also known in the community as “zovek”, has spent countless hours answering questions and helping others learn about Excel and VBA. Below are some of his favorite accolades from Experts Exchange.

“You guys saved my bacon on this project, THANKS!”   (source)

“YEAH YES INDEED……….I’ll never let my subscription to the site lapse again”   (source)

“Me one happy bunny now….!”   (source)

“I love you!…Not to be gay or anything… Haha”   (source)

“Kevin, you are God!”   (source)

“Absolute Perfection!!!”   (source)

“BRILLIANT!!! It’s wonderfully stable and faster, thanks a LOT!”   (source)

“How the hell did you answer me so fast?!!!”   (source)

“WoW Ho. You’re the best. Thanks for the quick help!”   (source)

“Ohhhhh YEAH!! That’s exactly what I was talking about – Thank you so much. You rock!”   (source)

“Holy Crap – I hope you just had that lying around and didn’t code it up for me! That is absolutely incredible!”   (source)

“Brilliant. I shall name my next born child “Kevin”.”   (source)

“This is so much better and more info than from MSDN.”   (source)

“OH MY GAWD… KEVIN, THANK YOU! You are a Experts-Exchange GENIUS! How much I love you I cannot explain. Bless your beautiful mind. :)”   (source)

“I am speechless. It is such a pleasure to read your masterful code pieces. You may qualify as VBA Mozart.”   (source)

“Works! Thanks…. you are awesome at this stuff.”   (source)

“You are a god. :-)”   (source)

“Man, you make it look oh so simple.”   (source)

“YOU ARE AWESOME! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”   (source)

“THX! ha ya, you’re just too awesome at this program”   (source)

“Peachy. That last one works perfectly. When you have no more use for your brain – mail it to me!!!”   (source)

“Nothing personal, but I love you man!”   (source)

“THAT’S IT!!! You rock!! This is SO much easier than my first idea … thank you!”   (source)

“That is BRILLIANT!!! Thank you Kevin.”   (source)

“I love you, I love you. I love you. Thank you so much. :)”   (source)

“This is fascinating…kind a metaphysical existence…if Issac Asimov would still be alive…this piece of code it would sparked an idea for a science fiction novel”   (source)

“zorvek, once more I am in awe of your mad skills :)”   (source)

“You are so totally awesome. That works perfectly.”   (source)

“You are a legend. One more question… are you a robot? … your responses don’t have any trace of human error. You must be some sort of AI.”   (source)

“You seem like a ridiculously stellar Excel genius.”   (source)

“you are awesome. i’m going to get “kevin is the greatest!” tatooed around my left nipple. it’ll be in skin tone ink, but we’ll both know it’s there. i’m in awe.”   (source)

“I always knew you are a living legend…but this was the first time I had the pleasure to raise a question which was solved by you…I don’t have words to thank you…YOU ARE GREAT. :)”   (source)

“Dang. I think it would have taken me 3 months to come up with that. Thank you.”   (source)

“WOAH,it worked! – AWESOME!! thank you soo very much!!!! u the man :)”   (source)


“Immediate and brilliant. Thank you!”   (source)

“Kevin, you’re a rock star. Spent so much time on this. You got it immediately and helped me see a different angle. Thanks so much.”   (source)

“Just tried it then and it’s fantastic, thanks for your help and time Kevin!! I appreciate it!”   (source)

“Zorvek went way above and beyond to get this resolved wish I could have given 4x the points.”   (source)