Data Automation Professionals offers comprehensive support for Excel users and developers. Whether you are an individual or a team in a large organization, when you are on one of our support plans or under an active consulting contract, you receive industry leading support from our team of professionals. Our support is primarily for Microsoft Excel and Excel automation but we also have expertise in related Office products such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft OneNote, and Microsoft Outlook, especially when it involves automating those applications with VBA.

Great Support Promotes Self-Sufficient Independence

We believe every problem in search of a solution is an opportunity to learn. Our learning-based approach to support is designed to develop your team’s ability to not only solve the problem at hand now and in the future, it also supports developing their overall skills in working with Excel and Excel automation. Our preferred method for working with you is with an online interactive meeting where we work with you on your problem and on your system. We’ll watch you describe and demonstrate the problem and then work with you to solve it. While working with you, we describe the problem solving process, suggest as many possible solutions as are appropriate, and wrap up with a review of the process and solution. After years of providing support in many forums and venues, we have found that the best way to learn is to start with an interesting and relevant problem to solve, and then experience the problem solving process.

Or We’ll Just Fix It

Learning to fish is awesome, but sometimes you have better things to do with your time like close a sale or find missing inventory. We’re very adept at taking your current solution and making it work in short order. Or creating a new solution so that your existing solution can do it’s job. Some examples include:

  • Fixing formula or formatting errors in an existing workbook.
  • Getting charts and PivotTables to function like they did before someone monkeyed with the source data.
  • Fixing automation issues such as crashes or problems importing data because your IT department changed the format – again.

All we need are the requirements and, if you need us to make something that already exists work again, that workbook or file.

Excel and Excel Automation Ninjas

Our team of Excel and Excel automation experts have provided comprehensive and results-oriented Excel, Excel automation, and VB support to individuals and companies for over 15 years. Leading the support team, Zack and Kevin have been Microsoft Excel MVPs for over ten years. They earned this recognition by serving the Excel community:

Beyond Excel

While Excel, Excel automation, and SQL Server are our specialties, we have extensive experience with all Office products, especially automating those products with VBA. And, if our local team gets stuck, we have numerous external resources willing to help us help you. We are extensively connected in the technical community and leverage these resources just as they leverage us.

How to Engage Awesome

We offer our support services three different ways: complimentary as part of any existing and active consulting contract, on an ad hoc basis, and on a three-tier subscription basis.

Complementary Engagement Support

Every client under contract gets unlimited support for the team directly related to the contracted work and services. And this does not mean just helping you use what we build—it means we will take any question or problem that is in any of our areas of expertise and offer our best possible support. This support does not include formal pre-scripted training sessions. Requirements are a minimum of 20 billable hours for the current or previous month. This support is not available for fixed-price contracts.

Ad Hoc Support

While not necessarily a plan as there is no formal contract or agreement, we do offer ad hoc support on an hourly basis. Send us a request using our contact form form to get started. Our rate is US$250 for the first hour and US$200 an hour after that, billed on quarter hour or 15 minute increments. Any time we spend offline doing research is on us.

We also provide ad hoc remote training for a maximum of 50 students. More informal in nature, our ad hoc training is less scripted and more of a question and answer forum. We also offer formal training utilizing pre-scripted material or custom material created based on your needs.

Subscription Support

Want us at your beck and call? Sign up for one of our three subscription support plans and we’ll be available to help or train you and your team whenever you need it.

I am a novice user of Excel, and recently had to work extensively with the program for my Fortune 50 client. I asked for Data Automation Professional’s assistance on several occasions to improve the overall construct and usability of several templates. Working with them improved my ability to quickly deliver the solution, and meet the client’s expectations. They are patient, articulate and very knowledgeable when working with novice users such as myself. They provided expert guidance in a manner that provided insight in using these spreadsheets, and the sessions were not at all intimidating. I recommend them if you want to improve your Excel skills. For an adult visual learner, I found their internet-based interactive training sessions to be invaluable to me.

Diana Saranoff, Founder, delta management strategies, LLC