Custom Excel Workbook Applications

We excel at Excel and anything Excel automation. We have yet to encounter a project, problem, or process that we could not automate to some degree with Excel. Seriously, sometimes it has nothing to do with a worksheet so we just hide the workbook and display a dialog! Gathering, analyzing, reporting, and distributing data in any area of finance, investing, accounting, marketing, sales, customer service, or centralized enterprise planning software (ERP) systems is where we go and, if we haven’t been there yet, we’re ready to do it now.

Here are some examples of solutions we have built.

  • Customize real-time and historical financial market data analysis.
  • Automate instruction transmission to direct access trading systems.
  • Condense, clean, join, merge, segregate, analyze, interpret, translate and format data.
  • Intuitive and flexible report generation.
  • Effective and useful graphical representations of analyzed data.
  • Allow easy and robust data entry and generate dynamic and meaningful results suitable for presentation to management and clients.
  • Clean, aesthetic, and professional worksheets, custom worksheet forms and more.
  • Add security and flexibility with custom Excel add-in functionality across multiple spreadsheet applications.
  • Integrate Excel with databases, e-mail systems, and word processing applications.
  • Integrate and consolidate multiple worksheet and multiple workbooks across networks.
  • Maintenance and auto-generation of html pages for websites.
  • Dynamic web page interpretation, analysis, and data gathering.
  • Read and process large quantities of database information stored in SQL Server, Access, and other database systems.
  • Populate and update databases.
  • Generate of flat (function and macro free) worksheets and html reports for distribution to customers and clients.,, and Visual Basic for Applications

VBA is a standard development language for internal and distributed applications and utilities with extensive user interfaces that need to be built and maintained quickly. We also work in and

  • Effective, clean, and professional application user interfaces.
  • Server-utility applications (web services) to move data between server applications and external sources and destinations.
  • Compiled (protected code) Add-Ins for Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

Custom Access Applications

Access can be a practical and cost-effective front-end for database maintenance and reporting.

  • Integrate Access applications with Visual Basic for powerful and flexible data analysis and data-dependent application solutions.
  • Maintain and report small and medium-sized databases for any type of data-dependent application, or from a centrally stored Access, SQL Server, or other database.
  • Integration with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Use of Access VBA to enhance Access and create more powerful and flexible solutions.
  • Query construction using form input.

Data Recovery, Cleaning, and Recovery

One-time services are available for recovering, converting, and cleaning old or damaged data.