Data Automation Professionals stands by our methodology that begins with you and your end users. We keep close tabs on your goals and that of your customer so we understand where the pain points are that represent real opportunities for growth, scalability, and ease of use. Data Automation Professionals continuously finds solutions that reduce errors, increase efficiency, and save time.

Once the value to the client is identified and the problems bounded, we chart a high-level path and begin the work of designing the solution. A tool we frequently use to facilitate the design process is the use case – a set of well-thought out use cases validates project goals while ensuring complete coverage of every goal. Use cases produce an effective design that supports the testing process and ultimately ensures a solution that works.

Kevin Jones, Data Automation Professionals

To aid rapid development and production of solid code in our Excel automation applications, Data Automation Professionals maintains the most comprehensive and well-tested set of code libraries that exist in the industry. Our libraries are routinely maintained and augmented as needs arise. Extensive regression tests ensure the libraries are always production ready. These libraries coupled with automated code generators reduce the amount of custom code required to complete the automation solution while enabling us to create powerful and effective custom Excel solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our code generation utilities and function libraries save us a lot of time as we build powerful and complex applications, and the resulting code is amazingly resilient and robust because it’s been tested over and over in a variety of environments and situations.

Zack Barresse, Data Automation Professionals

In development, Data Automation Professionals utilizes a technique called Extreme Programming. This methodology utilizes rapid and repeating cycles of development, testing, and feedback which allows for quick refinement of the custom application as the project is progressing. It also results in a better-informed client with clear expectations, continuous project updates, and meaningful accountability, creating strong and collaborative client relations.