Data Automation Professionals provides quality short and long term design and development services for building world-class custom Excel solutions. The Excel applications we’ve built are praised by many companies such as Gap, IBM, ESPN, Chevron, Brighton Collectables, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, and Ralph Lauren. Our custom Excel solutions are designed to be effective, fast, and accurate. We employ graphic artists and UI/UX experts to ensure our custom applications are optimized to work as you, your users, and your customers work—presenting what is needed to get their work done quickly, efficiently, and accurately without getting in their way.

Creating custom Excel applications and custom Excel automation solutions is only the surface. With Excel as a starting point, we’ll bring in SQL Server to store larger amounts of data or data that has to be shared across the aisle or in another country. If Excel charts and dashboards are not portable enough, we’ll incorporate PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and PDF documents. If you want to leverage email we’ll connect to Outlook for automated inbound and outbound messaging. If VBA and Excel are not awesome enough, we’ll bring in our,, and Java/JavaScript experts. Financial modeling and planning, inventory control and planning, sales analysis, data cleansing, data transformation, and reporting—whatever you need, we’ve probably already done it.

And, with every project, we augment our Excel customization efforts with complementary support and training. We also offer a more formal suite of online and onsite training to bring you and your team up to new levels of Excel expertise.

Data Automation Professionals built a complex Excel model for my recent client and they helped me “hit a homerun”. My client (a huge telecom company) is ecstatic with the Excel model that was built stating that the results were “above and beyond all expectations”. Data Automation Professionals has a high level of integrity, are super easy to work with, and are creative out of the box thinkers that went the extra mile to work under high pressure deadlines with superlative results. I highly recommend Data Automation Professionals.

Lora Coughlin, Director, Program Management, Global Payments

The Details

We take our projects very seriously and follow a time proven development process. From our overall solutions development methodology to our proven hybrid project management to our best practices for generating clean, fast, efficient, and bug free code, we know how to create optimal solutions that work for you and your company.

Methodology – Our overall methodology and development philosophy is the basis of our success.

Project Stages – How we manage our Excel customization projects from discovery to development to support.

Best Practices – We utilize a number of best practices that increase performance and minimize risk which results in custom Excel solutions that work amazingly well.

Working Solutions – Curious about what we’ve created in the past? We’re proud of all of our work and present a small sample on these pages.